About SUP Tropisch

Welcome to SUP Tropisch, where we share our passion for the outdoors, water sports, nature, and finding a healthy balance between body and mind. We understand the importance of stepping away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and taking time for relaxation, exercise, and fresh air.

SUP, or Stand Up Paddleboarding, offers the perfect solution for this and is also an ideal activity to enjoy with friends. At SUP Tropisch, we have various options to create your perfect SUP experience.

We have a beautiful starting location in Amsterdam South, from where you can paddle different scenic routes. If you prefer to choose your own route and you’re with a group, we can bring all the SUP boards to you, so you can hit the water hassle-free right away. It’s perfect for corporate outings, birthdays, team events, or simply a relaxing day with friends in and around Amsterdam!

If you’re looking for a fantastic way to relax, maintain a balance between your body and mind, and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Amsterdam, look no further and book your SUP experience with SUP Tropisch.Β 

We’re here to make your SUP adventure unforgettable!

Who are we?

Huub as a contractor and Rosa as an event organizer, we know how to approach a project and make it successful like no other. But we were missing something… something we both love, and that’s playing outdoors.

And that’s how SUP Tropisch came to be, where we make people happy, help them relax, and let them play outdoors

SUP Tropisch is more than just a standard SUP rental company. With our creativity and love for play, we have developed our own events and games.

You can play SUP Lacrosse with us, a unique teamwork game on the water where you try to score the ball against your opponent while standing on your SUP.
Or SUP by Night, a magical adventure on the water, enjoying the stunning view while paddling through the enchanting canals of Amsterdam.

SUP Tropisch is the place where having fun and enjoying the outdoors are at the heart of everything. So what are you waiting for!

What is Stand Up Paddleboarding?

Stand Up Paddleboarding and has gained tremendous popularity in recent years. It originated from the sport of surfing and was developed in Hawaii. It is a very relaxing activity that can be enjoyed both alone and with others. One of the great advantages of SUP is its accessibility, as you don’t need any prior experience to be able to stand on the board. Additionally, it engages your entire body, making it a great full-body workout. SUP can be practiced on canals, lakes, rivers, and even in the ocean for surfing waves.